Laboratory Registration System

New Laboratory Registration Policy

To ensure compliance with new DHS regulations and other Federal, State and SUNY requirements pertaining to the storage and use of hazardous materials, all laboratories must be registered with Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).

This registration will identify laboratory spaces, responsible Principal Investigators (PI) / Laboratory Managers, emergency contacts, and hazardous materials and/or hazardous operations in laboratories. The information will be used to ensure regulatory compliance, facilitate and improve emergency response times, assist with future reporting requirements and approval for grant applications, and assure the safety of students, faculty, staff, visitors and emergency responders.

Individuals responsible for laboratories must register their labs by November 30, 2008, using a web-based system developed for this purpose. Please note that this registration requirement does not apply to computer labs, mechanical rooms, storerooms, chaseways, and shops.

To facilitate the Lab Registration process EH&S will be conducting training and information sessions on:

Date Location Time
October 15, 2008 Health Science Center LH 2 10:30 AM
October 16, 2008 Wang Center Room 201 2:00 PM
November 6, 2008 Health Science Center LH 2 2:30 PM
November 14, 2008 Wang Center LH 1 10:00 AM

Required Information:

  • Location (building, room number)
  • Contact information for primary (PI, supervisor or manager), emergency and alternate laboratory contact
  • Categories of laboratory hazards (chemical, radiological, biological, laser, medical waste/sharps, and chemical/universal waste

Forms and screenshots of required information are available in the Laboratory Registration Policy (in Adobe PDF format)

» Log on to the Laboratory Registration System «

You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of lab registration.

If you have any questions about the registration program or process, please contact Bob Holthausen, Lab Safety Specialist, EH&S at (631) 632-9672.

Additional Information

Troubleshooting Guide

For information on obtaining a Lotus Notes account:
View Lotus Notes - Account Information.
If you are unable to log in to the Laboratory Registration System:
You may need to change your Lotus Notes internet password (in Adobe PDF format).
If you experience trouble following these instructions, you can contact Client Support at (631) 632-9800 and request additional assistance. Let them know you "need help setting your Lotus Notes internet password."
If you are having problems saving registration information when using Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Some users of recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer have reported problems with the saving of registration information. If you encounter this problem, most users have found alternate browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome resolve this issue.
If you tried all of the above and still cannot access the Laboratory Registration System:
Please email Application Support for Administration and give a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing including any error messages or prompts. Please make sure your subject line of the email includes "Laboratory Registration System."

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