Radiation Safety Guide

Radiation Protection Services (RPS) has the responsibility to implement the radiation safety program at Stony Brook University. The complete rules and regulations for the safe use of radioactive materials can be found in the University Radiation Protection Committee (URPC) Policies and Procedures booklet, which is available in each authorized radioactive materials laboratory. This booklet is provided to aid you in recognizing your responsibility for radiation safety. While it gives an overview of basic radiation safety procedures, it is the responsibility of each radiation worker to be thoroughly familiar with all applicable sections of the Radioactive Materials Safety Manual.

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Radioactive Material Surveys

Surveys for radiation and radioactive contamination must be performed after each use of radioactive material. The purpose of this survey is to identify any contamination present and to prevent its spread. This survey need not be recorded.

A formal survey for radioactive contamination and radiation levels (if appropriate) must be performed and recorded on forms provided by the RPS office at latest once in each month that radioisotopes are handled, or at such other times or intervals as specified by RPS. For periods in which no radioisotopes are handled, no survey is required. However, a notation to this effect must be made either on the survey form or other suitable written record.

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