Pest Management

Pesticide Use
Even the most skillful and precise application of pesticides will not solve pest problems. Some pesticides may be necessary and will only be used by a certified applicator after performing a thorough inspection to identify the pest "target" and to determine the cause for the existence or infestation (e.g. poor sanitation, open penetrations, water leaks, etc.).
Image of Glue Boards Glue boards are used to identify and monitor the type of pests present, as well as the size of the infestation and direction of travel.
Traps and baiting systems will be used to control infestations. Chemical sprays will normally only be used when other control strategies have proven to be ineffective.
When necessary, a limited amount of chemical spray may be directed into cracks, crevices and other concealed places where pests are hiding.
Routine or scheduled spraying of chemicals in the absence of pests is irresponsible, ineffective and expensive, and therefore, will not be done.

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