Stony Brook University Planning Team

The Pandemic Flu Committee reports to the Vice President for Facilities and Services, and others who serve on a Critical Incident Command Management Team*, including the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Dean of Students and the University's Information Officer. Individual team members also report back to and work with the organizational units that they represent.

Gary Kaczmarczyk*, Co-Coordinator Environmental Health and Safety
Lawrence Zacarese*, Co-Coordinator University Police/Emergency Management
Brent Lindquist* Office of the Provost/Academic Affairs
Ann Ozelis Office of the Provost/Academic Affairs
Janet Hearing Research - Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Nancy Daneau Office of the Vice President for Research
Kim Auletta Environmental Health and Safety
Baycan Fideli Student Affairs/Campus Residences
Gina Vanacore Student Affairs/Campus Residences
Glen Itzkowitz Health Sciences Center
Catherine Horgan Health Sciences Center
Rachel Bergeson Student Health
Robert Ansbach Student Health
Leo DeBobes Medical Center/UH EM
Susan Donelan Medical Center/UH/Clinical
Lyle Gomes Finance and Administration
Jessica Kunis Human Resource Services
Sally Lanigan Labor Relations
Rich Reeder Department of Information Technology
Kevin Kelly Faculty Student Association
Helene Konsker Campus Dining
Terence Harrigan Campus Operations & Maintenance
Cliff Knee Stony Brook Southampton - Environmental Health and Safety
Linda Hamilton Stony Brook Southampton - Student Health

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