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Holiday Safety

Happy Holidays ImageWith the upcoming Holiday Season, we need to remind ourselves of the potential of fire hazards that may exist when we decorate our homes and offices. When dealing with items such as Natural Christmas Trees & Wreaths we need to remind ourselves of the risk involved with placing electric lights and cords throughout a material, that over time becomes dry presenting a risk for fire. In addition we also need to exercise caution when utilizing extension cords remembering to never over load electrical circuits, and to refrain from "ganged surge protectors".

As a reminder extension cords are ONLY intended for temporary use. Other items that may be found in our homes during the holiday's are candles, although they add to a beautiful ambience, they are also one of leading causes of home fires in the United States. When using candles always remember to place the candle on a non-combustible tray (i.e) ceramic plate to prevent hot wax from dripping onto a combustible item such as carpeting. And never leave a candle burning in close proximity to combustible items such as curtains or holiday decorations. The most important item to remember, is to never go to sleep with a candle burning.

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