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Halloween Fire Safety Tips

pumpkin imageThe thrills and entertainment offered by a haunted house are becoming commonly found on campus. The Halloween season generates not only common fire and life safety issues but many unconventional concerns as well, particularly where a haunted house is operated in a building. Naturally these types of facilities are unique and thus the fire safety concerns are unique. Special attention has to be given to overall exit arrangement and travel distance. Many other factors must be considered as well; exit signs, emergency lighting, combustible interior finish, construction materials, fire detection, use of special effects, adequately trained and supervised staff and established emergency procedures.

The Fire Marshal's office strongly encourages any campus organization planning an event where a haunted house will be used, to contact the University Fire Marshal’s office. Haunted houses can be a great source of fun and amusement for all ages; however every effort must be made to ensure a fire safe environment. Accordingly, everyone must remain vigilant and be on the lookout for these spooky Places, as they have a tendency to mystically and eerily appear from nowhere. In addition familiarize yourself with items that are prohibited on campus such as candles and extension cords. When constructing "Haunted Houses" or other displays always be mindful of egress and maintaining two ways out.

Stony Brook Fire Marshal LogoFor additional information contact the Fire Marshal's Office at (631) 632-9678

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