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November 2008

Know Two Ways Out

Image of Exit signsThe New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control has issued a Campus Fire Safety Bulletin, "Know Two Ways Out," to encourage individuals to take responsibility for knowing a second way out of the building or area where they live, work or visit.

One of the most basic fire survival skills is knowing how to get out of wherever you may be. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the vast majority of people will attempt to exit a building through the door they are most familiar with and routinely use - even when other exits may be closer or a better choice.

State fire inspectors often ask people during an inspection “How would you get out if your primary exit was not available?” and the answer is all to often, “I don’t know.”

Take a minute right now to locate and familiarize yourself with a second (and third) exit from wherever you are. It could be time well spent.

Each of us shares in the responsibility for our personal safety. Learning how and where to get out is a significant part.

Plan your escape route now.

View the bulletin: here

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