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Haunted House Safety

Haunted houses are becoming more and more popular, both on and off campus. While they can be a great source of fun and amusement, they can present serious fire and life safety concerns. The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC) has issued a Campus Fire Safety Bulletin urging institutions and individuals to take precautions when planning an event involving haunted houses. Students may not proceed with the construction of a haunted house unless they receive permission from the Division of Campus Residences and the Campus Fire Marshal. The following factors will be considered in the review:

  • Overall exit arrangement
  • Travel distance
  • Exit signs
  • Emergency lighting
  • Combustible interior finish
  • Construction materials
  • Fire detection
  • Use of lighting and special effects
  • Adequately trained and supervised staff
  • Emergency procedures

For more information about Haunted House Safety, please refer to the OFPC bulletin and the following websites:

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