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Winter Weather Safety

December 4, 2003

With the winter rapidly approaching and the possibility of snow in the forecast, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that with snow comes icy conditions. While your Campus Grounds crew is prepared, and will use every available resource to reach our goal of maintaining safe passage for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, your assistance and the use of common sense strategies is our best defense. Please remember when driving on campus to drive slowly. Don't attempt to pass slow moving vehicles, such as snow removal trucks. This creates an extremely hazardous situation. Park only in designated parking spots and not in loading docks or along road sides; this will allow us to better serve you. Also remembering to wear appropriate footwear and keeping your hands free of heavy/bulky items while walking will assist in keeping your balance and minimize the possibility of falls. By following these few simple practices, we can all do our part in keeping the campus safe and accessible for everyone.

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