University Laboratory Safety Council

Stony Brook University places the highest emphasis on protecting the environment and health and safety of all persons who work in or visit our facilities. The University requires all employees, students and visitors to strictly adhere to required laboratory safety practices and procedures as established by the University, State and Federal regulations.

The University Laboratory Safety Council (ULSC) was established as a Presidential Committee on October 23, 2008. Members were charged with reviewing and establishing policies and procedures pertaining to laboratory safety, and to present these recommendations to the President. The 21 members of the ULSC represent all parts of campus with a diverse expertise and perspective in all areas of laboratory safety (see Members below). The ULSC is dedicated to assisting the Administration in improving the safety culture at Stony Brook University. Please use the links below to learn more about the ULSC.

ULSC Responsibilities

The University Laboratory Safety Council (ULSC) reports to the University President and is a multidisciplinary committee of faculty, staff, and students representing academic, research, clinical laboratories and administrative areas.

The ULSC is responsible for the following issues at all University sites:

  1. Set laboratory safety policies with the guidance of EH&S on regulatory compliance and best practices.
  2. Review compliance with laboratory safety policies.
  3. Review laboratory incidents and corrective actions presented to the committee by departments or EH&S, and assist with implementation when necessary.
  4. Unresolved compliance issues or egregious issues will be forwarded by departments or EH&S to the committee for review and action.
  5. Review emerging laboratory safety and health issues for benchmarking against best practices.
  6. Perform annual laboratory inspections to verify effectiveness of laboratory safety program.
  7. Report annually to the President on the status of the laboratory safety program.

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ULSC Members

Appointments and changes in appointments to the University Laboratory Safety Council (ULSC) are approved by the President. The committee chair is appointed by the President for a two year term. Members are appointed for a two year term. Appointees are nominated by EH&S, the individual departments, or the committee chair.

School Of Medicine (2)
College of Arts and Sciences (3)
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2)
School of Dental Medicine (1)
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences / Southampton (1)
Hospital Clinical Laboratories (1)
Building Manager's Group (1)
Research Foundation (1)
Campus Operations and Maintenance (1)
Graduate School / Students (1)
Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) (1)
Biosafety Officer (1)
Chemical Hygiene Officer (1)
Healthcare Safety (1)
At-large Members (2)

View the current member roster.

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ULSC Subcommittees

Laboratory Closeout Subcommittee
This subcommittee was established to develop a university-wide policy for procedures that lab directors must follow when they are closing or vacating a laboratory.

Laboratory Equipment Subcommittee
This subcommittee was established to identify equipment and services that should be included in all laboratories and maintained by the University.

Laboratory Inspection Subcommittee
This subcommittee was created as a means to communicate laboratory safety awareness directly with the University community via individual laboratory visits/inspections, a ULSC website and safety brochures.

Laboratory Environment Subcommittee
This is a new subcommittee that was established at the September 21, 2010 meeting to investigate facility conditions (lighting, HVAC, emergency power) that can affect safety in the laboratories.

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ULSC Meetings

At each regular meeting of the ULSC, the agenda shall consist of the following items:

  1. Minutes from the previous meeting.
  2. Report from the Biosafety Officer and Chemical Hygiene Officer
  3. Reports from subcommittees
  4. Policy Review
  5. Enforcement Issues
  6. Report of new laboratory activities, areas of research, and facility modifications
  7. New issues included in meeting agenda

The Committee will meet quarterly. Additionally, an annual laboratory safety inspection will be performed by committee members. Additional meetings can be scheduled as needed by the Chair.

To establish a quorum and conduct business, at least one-half of the Committee's membership must be present, including the Chair or Co-chair and one representative from EH&S.

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ULSC Current Initiatives/News

ULSC Laboratory Safety Reviews
The University Laboratory Safety Council (ULSC) initiated a new Laboratory Safety Review program to raise awareness and promote lab safety in academic and research laboratories. ULSC members will conduct inspections and visit with Principle Investigators and laboratorians to: foster a working partnership between the ULSC; EH&S and laboratory personnel; to raise awareness of laboratory safety requirements; to identify best practices that can be shared with others; to ensure regulatory compliance, and to help build a safety culture. Please use the attached links to learn more about the program:

Minors Working with Hazardous Materials in Research Laboratories Policy
The first ULSC policy initiative was forwarded for administrative review at the end of 2009 and subsequently approved as University Policy P616 in July 2010. This policy outlines clear procedures and supervision requirements to protect minors working in a potentially dangerous laboratory environment. View more information about this policy.

Laboratory Closeout Plan
This plan was recently approved by the ULSC and was forwarded for administrative review in February 2011. This plan will provide the basis for an EH&S Policy & Procedure that laboratory directors must follow when they are closing or vacating a laboratory. View the Laboratory Closeout Plan

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Lab Safety Contacts

Richard Kew
ULSC Chair
Department of Pathology
Tel: (631) 444-3941

Kim Gates
Lab Safety Specialist
Chemical Hygiene Officer
Tel: (631) 632-3032

Robert Holthausen Lab Safety Specialist
Biological Safety Officer
Tel: (631) 632-9672

Sean Harling
Interim Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
Tel: (631) 632-9676

Gary Kaczmarczyk
EH&S Director, Responsible Official
Tel: (631) 632-6410

Walter Julias
Laboratory Safety & Hazardous Waste Manager
Tel: (631) 632-3739

Clifford Knee
EH&S Manager, Southampton, R&D Park
Tel: (631) 632-5079

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