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Principal Investigators, faculty, and other laboratory supervisors have the ultimate responsibility for the safety of the lab staff, students, and visitors in the research or teaching laboratories in which they work. Principal Investigators have direct responsibility for ensuring that all safety policies are fully executed. This is accomplished through the review of work practices, inspection of facilities, development and implementation of procedures, use of engineering controls and personal protective equipment, mandatory training and the prompt correction of noted deficiencies. Additional PI responsibilities can be found on the EH&S Responsibilities web page.

All laboratories must be registered with Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S). This registration will identify laboratory spaces, responsible Principal Investigators (PI) / Laboratory Managers, emergency contacts, and hazardous materials and/or hazardous operations in laboratories. The information will be used to ensure regulatory compliance, facilitate and improve emergency response times, assist with future reporting requirements and approval for grant applications.

Register your lab with Environmental Health & Safety

You can register your lab using the Laboratory Registration System.

You can sign up for the EH&S labsafety listserve to receive training announcements and safety alerts.

If you will be working with any of the following in your lab, follow the links to learn what you need to comply with Stony Brook University procedures:


If you work with chemicals, you must take the Lab Safety Chemical Hazards (ELS 002) class. The schedule and course material can be found on the EH&S web site:

You are also required to take the Hazardous Waste Management (ENV 001) class. This class can be taken on line or during a scheduled class. The schedule and course material can be found on the EH&S web site:

Laboratories must keep track of certain chemicals listed with the Department of Homeland Security Chemical Security. Please review security requirements for these chemicals and report any missing material to University Police.

If you have questions about your fume hood, material safety data sheets, chemical storage or other laboratory safety issues, contact the Lab Safety Specialist, Chemical Hygiene Officer Kim Auletta by email or phone: (631)-632-3032.

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