Compressed Gas Safety

One of the most common safety hazards in all labs are compressed gas cylinders. Handling and storage of these cylinders is also one of the most common EPA and OSHA violations. The following simple guidelines will help ensure a safe lab.

Flammable, Asphyxiant, Toxic, Corrosive, Oxidizer, Pyrophoric and Cryogenic gases require additional safety measures. Contact Environmental Health and Safety for training and information.

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  • Rooms containing compressed gases must have a sign outside the room stating COMPRESSED GAS and the name of the gas and hazard class.
  • If TOXIC or FLAMMABLE gases are leaking, immediately evacuate area.
  • Call University Police at 911 or 632-3333 and ask for the HAZMAT Team.

Read the EH&S Policy 1-5 "Compressed Gas and Cryogenic Fluid Handling, Storage and Disposal" for additional information.

Gas Cylinder Safety Handout

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