Safety Training

The training courses that are currently available for this program area include:

  1. Hazard Communication/Right-to-Know (Chemical Safety)
  2. Fire Safety - General Fire Safety, Occupancy Specific Fire Safety (EUH022), Fire Warden (EUH013), Fire Extinguisher Use (EUH024)
  3. Ethylene Oxide Safety (EUH009)
  4. Formaldehyde Safety (EUH006)
  5. Glutaraldehyde Safety (EUH017)
  6. Hazardous Drugs Safety (EUH015)
  7. Hazardous/Universal Waste Management (ENV001)
  8. Shipping of Infectious Substances (EUH008)
  9. Spill Kit Use (EUH019)
  10. Hearing Conservation (EUH014)
  11. Powered Industrial Truck Safety (EUH016)
  12. Asbestos Awareness (EUH025)
  13. Electrical Safety (EUH018)
  14. Ladder Safety (EUH020)
  15. Confined Space (EUH026)
  16. Gas Cylinder Safety (EUH027)
  17. Personal Protective Equipment (EUH028)
  18. Manual Materials Handling Safety (EUH029)
  19. Hot Work Safety (EUH030)
  20. Hand and Power Tool Safety (EUH031)
  21. OSHA 10 hour Construction Safety (EUH034)

Please contact Healthcare Safety at (631) 444-6783 for additional course information and scheduling.

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