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Litter Prevention Help Keep Stony Brook Clean!Hospital

Help us reduce litter by being sure your trash ends up in the trash can.

If you see an overflowing trash can:

  • Inside-Call Hospital Custodial Services, (631) 444-1455
  • Outside-Call Grounds, (631) 444-2161

Feel free to print the following flyers and post in your areas:

Keep America Beautiful reported the following on litter:

  • Litter costs $11.5 billion/year.
  • Dramatic increase in plastic litter.
  • Need for more recycling containers next to trash cans.
  • Cigarette butts were the most littered item. San Diego study showed that cigarette butts have an adverse on marine life.
  • People were less likely to litter in clean non-littered areas.
Whiles don't like litter.