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King/Queen of Green

Be the next King or Queen of Green, submit an environmental project that you or your department has initiated to Yvonne Walsh and you might be the next King or Queen of Green.

2009 Winner

Charles Bebber, Biomedical Engineering
Charles Bebber was selected for his outstanding participation with the Surplus Property work group. Charlie has been able to sell surplus property on eBay preventing it from ending up in the trash.

2008 Winners

Fred Luebke, Materials Management
Fred was selected as the King of Green for his success with reprocessing medical equipment. Fred started with oxisensors, burs, and bits and has expanded to reprocessing EP catheters, external fixation devices, and ultrasonic scalpels.
Jeannene Strianse, Pharmacy
Jeannene was chosen as the Queen of Green for her work in reducing and managing hazardous waste. Jeannene has been instrumental in the development of a Hospital-wide program to manage pharmaceutical waste.