Common Violations

Blocked exits:
Blocked exits are dangerous!
Material storage in hallway:
Please don't block the hallways with storage!
Blocked corridors:
Please don't block corridors!
Unsafe storage of chemicals:
Unstored chemicals are hazardous!
Improper storage of gas cylinders:
Using gas cylinders improperly may result in fatal consequences!
Using extension cords for permanent wiring:
Using extension cords is dangerous!
Using door chocks to hold open a fire door:
Using door chocks to hold open a fire door is dangerous!
Poor housekeeping (office):
Poor housekeeping is fire prone and unsanitary!
Open electrical panel:
A fire can easily start from open electrical panels!
Exit sign inoperable:
All exit signs must be operable!
No fire stopping in open penetration:
An open penetration can be dangerous!
Storage in stairwells:
Storage in stairwells is fire prone!
Ganged surge protector:
Ganged Surge Protectors!

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