University Hospital

Since the opening of the University Hospital at Stony Brook, no major fires have occurred. We like to attribute this fact to our team of highly trained and experienced Fire Marshals, who are on the job every day to ensure the safety of all patients, staff members and visitors. The Fire Marshals are responsible for all aspects of fire safety, from fire code compliance to emergency response. They are here to protect the hospital community.

RACE: Remove, Alarm, Confine and Extinguish

This easy to remember acronym is our University procedure in the case of a fire. Particularly in the hospital, every staff member is trained to recognize and respond appropriately in the case of a fire using this term.

Remove everyone from the area. If a fire occurred in a patient room, the staff should immediately remove the patient from the area.
The fire alarm pull station shall be activated. Fire alarm pull stations are located throughout the buildings, several on each floor. By activating the fire alarm, a fire action plan is set into motion were University Police receive the signal and initiate the emergency response. In addition, certain systems that could increase fire spread are automatically shutdown.
Once the room or area has been cleared of patients, the door shall be closed, thus confining the fire. This enables the fire response team the time needed to arrive.
Extinguish or Evacuate
When practical and only when an employee has been properly trained in the safe and proper use of a fire extinguisher, extinguisher shall be attempted using one fire extinguisher. Evacuate if you are not comfortable using a fire extinguisher or if more than one extinguisher is needed.

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