Things You Can Do

The NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control annual fire inspection has started. In order to raise awareness to potential dangerous fire safety situations and to decrease our inspection items we have compiled a list of the most common inspection items for you to reference while inspecting your area. We have also included a solution for you to put in place to become compliant. It takes all of us to work together and increase our awareness of fire safety to continue to maintain a safe campus.

Item: Ganged surge suppressors
Solution: In place of multiple surge protectors use one surge protector with a long cord plugged directly into an outlet.

Item: Extension cords used a permanent wiring.
Solution: Remove all extensions cords from devices, such as computers, televisions, refrigerators, etc.

Item: Fire and smoke doors chocked in the open position.
Solution: Solution: Remove all chocks and keep doors closed.

Item: Required width of egress not maintained
Solution: Remove all storage from hallways and areas of egress, corridors are designed for egress from the building.

Item: Combustible material accumulation in building
Solution: All storage shall be neatly confined to storage cabinets, filing cabinets or on a desk, not stored on the floor.

If you have any questions regarding the inspection or fire safety concerns contact the Fire Marshals Office at 632-9678.

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