AED Locations

AED's are installed in wall-mounted cabinets or on hangers throughout campus at the locations listed below. Each cabinet is equipped with a high-pitched local alarm that sounds when the cabinet door is opened and is silenced upon securely closing the door.

In addition, AED's are carried on University emergency vehicles, including Fire Marshals, Police Officers and the Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corp.


1st Floor Main Entrance
3rd Floor East Stairwell
2nd Floor East Stairwell
4th Floor East Stairwell

Campus Residences Central Office

Copy Room

Chapin Apartments

Chapin B Laundry Room
Chapin C Laundry Room
Chapin K Laundry Room
Chapin E Laundry Room


Room 399A
Room 499A
Room 599A
Room 104 Main Office
Room 699A
Room 799A
Room 215 Library

Clinical Education

JoAnn Schultz Office

Computing Center

Staff Kitchen

Day Care

Main lobby

Dental Complex

Chock Full O Nuts
Reception Desk

Earth and Space Science

Department of Geosciences room 255
Basement outside room 001

East Campus Power Plant

Watch Office


2nd Floor Main Lobby
1st Floor Main Lobby

Electrical Substation

By Main Door

Fire Marshals

Hazmat Truck NY Reg K29834
Fire Van NY Reg K92356
Rescue Van NY Reg K92355
Jeep One NY Reg L44902

H Quad

James College Office
Langmuir College Office
Benedict College Office
Benedict Main Office

Health Science Center

Level 2 Across from Room 180
Level 3 Across from Escalator by Library
Level 17 Elevator Lobby
Level 19 Elevator Lobby
Level 2 Elevator Lobby
Level 3 by Lobby across from H2O Fountain
Level 9 Elevator Lobby
Level 6 Elevator Lobby
Level 5 Elevator Lobby
Level 10 Elevator Lobby
Level 9 Elevator Lobby
Level 12 Elevator Lobby
Level 2 by FSA Vending by pay phones
Level 7 Elevator Lobby
Level 1 Elevator Lobby opposite Room 021
Level 8 Elevator Lobby
Level 5 Elevator Lobby
Level 1 Elevator Lobby
Level 5 Between HSC and Hospital Doors Room 058
Level 15 Elevator Lobby
Level 16 Elevator Lobby
Level 11 Elevator Lobby
Level 18 Elevator Lobby
Level 4 Elevator Lobby
Level 8 Elevator Lobby

Health Science Center A

Level 2 Social Welfare Corridor


First Floor Main Lobby
Second Floor Lobby Area

Infirmary Building

Second Floor Front Desk
Front Desk 1st Floor

Javits Lecture Center

South West Hallway Near 108

Kelly Quad

Quad Office in Hamilton
Dewey College Office
Hamilton College Office
Schick College Office
Baruch College Office
Eisenhower College Office

Long Island State Veterans Home

Basement Mens Locker Room
Second Floor B Wing Utility Room
Third Floor B Wing Utility Room
First Floor B Wing Utility Room

Marine Science

Challenger Hall
Endeavour Hall
Dana Hall
Discovery Hall

Melville Library

3rd Floor Circulation Accounts
Basement level Career Center Kitchen
5th Floor Grants Management
1st Floor Sinc Site
4th Floor School of Journalism
2nd Floor Academic Advising

Mendelsohn Quad

Irving College Office
Gray College Office
Oneill College Office
Irving Oneill Main Office
Ammann College Office

Nassau Hall

Between Restrooms

Old Field Properties

Sunwood Kitchen
Childs Mansion Great Room

Parking Services

Car 1
Car 4
Car 3
Car 2

Physics Building

Instructional Lab Office Room A132
Plaza Level Physics and Astro Main Office Room 110
High Energy Physics Main Office Room D133
Sub Level Machine Shop Office Room 277
C level C108
S level S106
B level B108A

Police Headquarters

Sec 2 Patrol Car
Sec 3 Patrol Car
Sec 1 Patrol Car
Sec 4 Patrol Car

Psychology A

1st Floor Lobby
2nd Floor Lounge
3rd Floor Lobby

Psychology B

3rd Floor Outside Room 379
2nd Floor Outside Room 239
1st Floor Outside Room 109
4th Floor Outside Room 441

Putnam Hall

Lunch Room

Roosevelt Quad

Greeley College
Stimson College
Wagner College
Keller College
Wanger Main Quad Office

Roth Quad

Whitman College Office
Gershwin College Office
Cardozo College Office
Hendrix College Office
Mount College Office
Gershwin Main Quad Office


First Floor Pantry
Second Floor Deans Suite
First Floor by Info Desk
Third Floor Wellness Center

Schomburg Apartments

Schomburg Commons Laundry Room

Service Area

Administration Offices

Social Behavioral Science

Anthropology Department S501
History Department S301
Political Science Department S701
School of Professional Development S101
S109 Senior Citizen Group

Sports Complex

Arena Lobby
Weight Room
ATR mobile unit 2
ATR mobile unit 1
Athletic Training Room
Pritchard Gym Lobby

Staller Center Arts Side

Main Theater Entrance
Second Floor House Manager Office

Staller Center Music Side

Second Floor TA Break Room
Third Floor Music Department

Stony Brook Manhattan

Photocopy Room

Stony Brook Southampton

Chancellors Hall First Floor
Police Car 127
Fire Marshal Vehicle M20534
Student Center Dining Hall
Marine Science Main Office
Fine Arts Lobby
Gym First Floor
Student Health Services Exam Room

Stony Brook Union

Information Desk
Bleacher Club Near Registers 1st Floor
Sync Site in Basement
Rm 266 on 2nd Floor

Suffolk Hall

Corridor Between Bathrooms

Tabler Quad

Sanger College Office
Dreiser College Office
Hand College Office
Douglass College Office
Hand Main Quad Office
Toscannini College Office

University Hospital

Temporary Entrance

USS Seawolf

Dry Lab

Wang Center

Second floor elevator lobby near academic mall
Third floor west side elevator lobby
Theatre lobby


Outside Lockshop
Warehouse Service Window

West Apartments

West H Room 112
West G Room 112
West F Room 112
West B Room 115
West C Room 115
West D Room 115
West E Room 112
West E Commons Office
West A Room 115

West Campus Power Plant

Inside office area