Clean Water

Wetland on campusThe Clean Water Act regulates any discharges to water to ensure that water quality standards are maintained. It is illegal for any one to discharge any pollutant into the US waters unless they are permitted to do so. The University of Stony Brook discharges water to both ground water and surface waters.

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Drinking Water

Stony Brook University is located above the aquifer that is the source for Long Island's drinking water. The Suffolk County Department of Public Works (SCDPW) monitors drinking water quality and maintains the safe standards for water provided to Stony Brook University.

What are Environmental Health and Safety's responsibilities?

To help protect Long Island's sole-source aquifer and to help Suffolk County DPW provide safe drinking water to the campus community. Environmental Health and Safety is responsible to:

  • Work with Facility Services to ensure back flow prevention devices are used and maintained for any connection to SCDPW water lines.
  • Protect the ground water by complying with the requirements of its SPDES permit.
  • Maintain records for the amount of well water that is used for noncontact cooling water. This water is nonpotable and should not be used for drinking water.
  • Work with facility operations to reduce the discharge of pollutants and recommend the use of secondary containment for any hazard that could discharge to groundwater.
  • Cleaning oil or chemical spills that could reach the storm drains.

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