Summary of Environmental Regulations

The following is a summary of environmental regulations and requirements. For information on a particular category, please click one of the following links:

Universal Wastes

The following types of wastes must be collected to ensure proper recycling, treatment, or disposal:

  • Batteries (other than alkaline)
  • Fluorescent & high intensity discharge (HID) lamps with mercury.
  • Some Pesticides
  • Mercury thermostats and other electronic equipment containing mercury.
  • Waste lamps must be stored in containers or packages that are structurally sound, adequate to prevent breakage, and compatible with the contents of the lamps. The containers or packages must remain closed and must lack evidence of leakage, spillage or damage that could cause leakage under reasonably foreseeable conditions.
  • Universal waste lamps or containers of lamps must be labeled with one of the following specific identifying phrases: “Universal Waste – Lamp(s),” “Waste Lamp(s),” or “Used Lamp(s).”
  • Universal waste handlers must be able to demonstrate the length of time that universal waste has accumulated on site. SQHs are prohibited from accumulating universal waste longer than one year.

Note: This list is not inclusive of all environmental regulations and requirements. If you have any questions, please call EH&S at 631-632-6410.

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