Summary of Environmental Regulations

The following is a summary of environmental regulations and requirements. For information on a particular category, please click one of the following links:

Solvent Recovery

Hazardous waste generators performing solvent recovery operations are exempt from the hazardous waste treatment permitting requirements provided that the specific exemption criteria are being met. The rules that apply depend on where the used solvent is generated and where the distillation occurs. If distillation and generation occur in the same room, only the SAA container management rules apply and these only apply to the used solvent prior to distillation. If distillation and generation occur in different rooms, then the SAA container management storage rules apply to the used solvent located in the distillation room prior to recovery. In addition, all of the 90-day hazardous waste storage area rules, accident prevention and preparedness rules, hazardous waste contingency rules, and employee training rules apply. Stony Brook must ensure that solvent recovery operations are performed in compliance with all of the treatment exemption requirements. Alternatively, Stony Brook could discontinue the solvent recovery operations and collect and manage the solvent as hazardous waste.

Note: This list is not inclusive of all environmental regulations and requirements. If you have any questions, please call EH&S at 631-632-6410.

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