Summary of Environmental Regulations

The following is a summary of environmental regulations and requirements. For information on a particular category, please click one of the following links:

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) - New York Public Health Law

  • Medical waste must be segregated from trash or other hazardous waste, collected in red bags, placed in appropriate cardboard boxes and labeled.
  • Sharps (e.g. needles, scalpel blades, pipettes), or any glass or plastic that has contacted infectious materials must be collected and disposed of in puncture resistant plastic containers, labeled with a biohazard symbol.
  • Persons who generate or handle RMW must be trained.
  • Prior to off site transport, inner containers, including red bags, sharps, and fluid containers of RMW must be marked with the generator name and address.
  • All RMW generators who package untreated RMW for off site transport must complete and sign an approved MWTF, receive a copy of the hand-signed form from the destination facility within 35 days, and keep both copies of the completed MWTF on file for three years.
  • All RMW must be contained for disposal in leak proof containers which are secured to preclude loss of the contents.

Note: This list is not inclusive of all environmental regulations and requirements. If you have any questions, please call EH&S at 631-632-6410.

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