Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are likely to be audited?
Any area where hazardous chemical, biological materials, pesticides, or hazardous waste is generated stored or used. Including: Laboratories, Art Shops, Theaters, Athletics areas, Heating Plants, Machine or other Production or Service Shops; Graphics Arts, Photography and Maintenance Shops; Clinical or Dental Labs, Central Sterile Supply, Darkrooms, or areas where hazardous drugs are prepared or administered.
What should I do if I manage, supervise or work in one of these areas?
You should become aware of requirements, attend training and inspect your area to ensure compliance.
I was selected as the Environmental Coordinator for my department, what are the responsibilities?
The Environmental Coordinator (EC) serves as the main point of contact for the Department for environmental issues. You should attend required training and share information on training and about compliance and sustainability with your department. For more information, go to the Lab Safety Coordinators page.
What is Hazardous Waste?
It is a waste material that is either:
  • Ignitable
  • Corrosive
  • Reactive
  • Toxic
  • Listed as a waste in 6 NYCRR 371.4
Who is required to have Hazardous Waste Training?
Anyone who adds hazardous waste into an accumulation container, decides if a material is hazardous waste, transports waste from an accumulation point, inspects hazardous waste storage areas, or responds to spills involving hazardous wastes must receive Hazardous Waste Training.
How do I get trained?
You can take the on-line Hazardous Waste Training or attend a scheduled classroom session of Hazardous Waste Training provided by Environmental Health and Safety.
How is training documented?
Environmental Health and Safety updates your training records in PeopleSoft when you attend a live Hazardous Waste Training session or when you submit a passing exam for the on-line Hazardous Waste Training.
How do I find out who has been trained in my group?
You can find out who has been trained by contacting Environmental Health and Safety at 631-632-6410 and requesting a list of those completing Hazardous Waste Training in your department, group, or area. Additionally, you can send a list of names for training verification.
Where can I find more information?
Go to the Links to Useful Resources page.
Where can I get help?
Contact Environmental Health and Safety for assistance.

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