Safety Fact Sheet: Floor Tiles

Removing Carpet over Floor Tile

Follow the Carpet Installation Fact Sheet:

  • Provide the Carpet Installation Fact Sheet to your customers so they realize that asbestos-containing floor tile may pose a problem for their project.
  • Conduct a carpet "test pull" to determine the likelihood of the floor tile remaining intact or being disturbed during the actual carpet removal.
    • If the "test pull" is good and it appears that the carpet will come up easily without pulling up floor tiles, you may proceed with the carpet removal. If during the actual carpet removal project floor tiles are being pulled up with the carpet contact EH&S (for small areas, certified EH&S staff can pull up the remaining amount of carpet, but for large areas an outside licensed contractor may have to be used or the carpet may have to be laid back down).
    • If the "test pull" is not good and floor tiles are likely to pull up with the carpet, the department requesting the carpet removal can either:
      • Keep the existing carpet.
      • Pay for asbestos abatement costs to remove the carpet and floor tile/mastic.
      • Install "Advantage" style carpet over the existing carpet, if possible.

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