Safety Fact Sheet: Floor Tiles

Asbestos was used in many types of building materials including vinyl floor tile and floor tile mastic. The asbestos in the floor tile served to increase resistance to wear and water damage and was well bound into the plastic matrix. New or recently installed floor tile should not contain asbestos but our older 12" x 12" floor tile and 9" x 9" floor tile, circa 1980's or earlier, will likely contain asbestos. Also, our older black mastic has almost always been found to contain asbestos unlike the newer yellow or clear mastic. Even though not all of the floor tile and mastic at the University may actually contain asbestos, the University must assume all floor tile and mastic contains asbestos, unless laboratory analysis proves otherwise. However, in order to expedite numerous weekly floor tile projects and save on expensive laboratory costs, we don't routinely sample floor tile and mastic. Known or presumed asbestos-containing floor tile and mastic must be cared for in a special manner as outlined below:

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