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Sandro Brusco

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Selected Publications

  • "Efficient Mechanisms for Mergers and Acquisitions," (with G. Lopomo, D. Robinson and S. Viswanhatan), International Economic Review, (2007) 48 (3): 995-1035.
  • "Liquidity Coinsurance, Moral Hazard and Financial Contagion," (with F. Castiglionesi), Journal of Finance, (2007) LXII 5: 2275-2302..
  • "On Enhanced Cooperation" (with M. Bordignon), Journal of Public Economics, (2006) 90: 2063-2090.
  • "Perfect Bayesian Implementation in Economic Environments", Journal of Economic Theory, (2006) 129: 1-30.

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