Notes: All offices are located in the Social and Behavioral Sciences building (SBS). Click here for a map. The area code for all telephone numbers is 631.

Full-Time Faculty

Name Rank Office Telephone email Comment
Alexis Anagnostopoulos Assistant Professor S-621 632-7537 email
Hugo Benitez-Silva Assistant Professor S-649 632-7551 email
Sandro Brusco Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies N-617 632-7548 email
Eva Carceles-Poveda Assistant Professor S-629 632-7533 email
William Dawes Associate Professor and Co-Chair N-605 632-7556 email
Pradeep Dubey Professor N-621 632-7549 email On Leave
Debra Dwyer Assistant Professor S-625 632-7532 email
John Hause Professor Emeritus N-613 632-7547 email
Mark Montgomery Professor S-617 632-7529 email
Thomas Muench Professor N-643 632-7544 email
Egon Neuberger Professor Emeritus N-607 632-7545 email
John Rizzo Professor. Joint with the Department of Preventive Medicine N-639 632-7526 email
Warren Sanderson Professor and Co-Chair N-631 632-7552 email
Wei Tan Assistant Professor N-629 632-1334 email
Yair Tauman Professor N-645 632-7557 email
Michael Zweig Professor S-645 632-7536 email

Visiting Faculty

Name Rank Office Telephone email Comment
Robert J. Aumann Visiting Leading Professor N-620 --- -- Summer Conference
Robert Lipp Visiting Assistant Prof. S-641 853-4909 email
Debapriya Sen Visiting Assistant Prof. N-625 632-7562 email

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