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Stony Brook Employees Get Active

Stony Brook University recommends joining at no cost to faculty, staff and their families Stony Brook on the Move to inspire everyone to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The America on the Move national program motivates people to make and maintain positive behavioral change. It creates an environment that promotes more movement and healthy eating. For employees who are either disabled or may not regularly walk there are many other activities listed on the America on the Move website that can be converted to steps.

The Stony Brook on the Move message is simple: move more and eat less by making 2 small daily changes. Take 2000 more steps (about 1 mile) and eat 100 fewer calories (about a pat of butter). Achieving an extra 2000 steps a day may take a little extra effort or be a goal you work toward over several weeks. The America on the Move website will provide information on how you can add 2000 steps to your day without making drastic changes to your routine. You'll be delighted to learn how easy it is to increase your activity and how motivating it is to track your progress with America on the Move. Adding more steps to your day will get easier as you go. To reinforce your progress, there is fun goal-setting, logging, and tracking tools for you to use once you register at America on the Move.

How to Sign Up and Join America on the Move

Please go to the America on the Move website to register and begin your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

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