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Education & Training

The EAP serves as clearinghouse of resources on mental health and wellness through our EAP Lending Library, our EAP Lunchtime Learning workshops and our supervisory training and consultation. EAP is available to customize training and workshops that departments may find helpful.

Critical Incident Response

EAP Professionals and others on the Stony Brook University Response Team offer support and guidance to a department and/or work group that is affected by a critical incident. A critical incident is defined as a sudden, unexpected, and stressful event such as an accident or injury, a death, a threat or act of violence or a natural disaster. The event may occur in the workplace or in the community. We provide Psychological First Aid. In large scale critical incidents our role is to partner with Emergency Management who activates the Mental Health Response Teams. We work together to help our community of faculty, staff and students by offering support and resources. The team helps people by listening to what happened, advising on healthy ways of coping and informing them of the healing process.

Consultation on Workplace Policies

EAP Professionals contribute to the development and/or revision of policies and procedures designed to address behavioral health and substance abuse issues. Some examples are consultation on Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence policies, Drug Free Workplace policies and Emergency Mental Health Response policies.

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