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The EAP welcomes all employees of the State of New York (CSEA, PEF, UUP, Council 82, NYSCOPBA, GSEU), Research Foundation, Management/Confidential and FSA. We also serve family members and retirees.

If you are not a member of any of the groups above, please call the EAP at 632-6085. We may serve some affiliated groups of Stony Brook University.

Clinical Consultation

Assessment and Referral: We provide confidential, information, assessment and referral services to employees, their family members and retirees who are experiencing personal, family or work problems that may negatively affect job performance.

Educational resources: EAP staff is knowledgeable about helpful books, courses, tapes and videos. We also have information on community groups, resource providers and Web sites.

Supportive follow-up: Short-term services are provided for clients who find themselves in stressful, complex or sensitive situations. Also, EAP will assist employees preparing to return to work after treatment for medical, mental health and/or substance abuse problems. EAP offers support and follow up for employees during the initial transition back to the work.

Education & Training

The EAP serves as clearinghouse of resources on mental health and wellness. We offer helpful and fun, books, materials, training programs and videos. Refer to the EAP Library on our web site for references and resource information. Our mission is to help our employees maintain a healthy balance between work and family. In doing so, our work lives can be more productive and rewarding. Faculty and staff, eligible family members and organization leadership can take advantage of these services.

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