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Conducting A Search From An EEO Perspective

Definitions and Terms:

Affirmative Action - Specific actions in recruitment, hiring, promotions and other areas designed to eliminate the present effects of past discrimination or to prevent discrimination. It is a proactive program where aggressive steps of outreach and support of community action programs that consider women and minorities currently not in the workforce are developed.
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) - A system of employment practices under which individuals are not excluded from any participation, advancement, or benefits because of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin or other factor that cannot lawfully be the basis for employment decision. An employment system in which neither intentional nor unintentional discrimination operates. Unlike affirmative action, EEO requires little or no action. It is a position/policy of non-discrimination.
Affirmative Recruitment - Special recruitment efforts undertaken to assure that qualified protected class members are well represented in the applicant pools for positions in which they have been historically excluded or substantially underutilized. Such efforts may include contacting organizations and media with known constituencies of protected class constituencies, and similar actions. Open job posting and advertising “Equal Opportunity Employer” statements may be necessary in many situations simply as a matter of nondiscrimination, rather than as measures of affirmative recruitment.
Recruitment Plan - a narrative which contains the rationale for the search and a description of the search efforts, affirmative outreach activities, including but not limited to the placement of advertisements in publications or on web sites, use of conference visits, placements services, professional associations and other networks in increasing the pools of qualified applicants ensuring full participation of women and minorities currently not in the workforce.

Pre - Search Activities:

Job Development

Recruitment plan and outreach strategies

Consult with Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action (ODAA), the area AA/EEO committee and Human Resources (HR) for assistance as recruitment plan is being developed. The earlier that the collaboration occurs between these departments and the hiring area, the better! Develop the recruitment plan using these helpful hints:

Methods of Outreach:

Affirmative outreach methods are expansive and may vary depending on such variables as identified deficiencies and establishment of goals, labor force availability, as well as the position and the grade, salary and recruitment resources. Some outreach methods that have proven beneficial over the years are:

Selection Criteria and Evaluation Rating:

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