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SUNY-Wide Policies, Procedures, Regulations and Guidelines
Section IV
Reprinted from State University of New York Affirmative Action Digest 1995 - Section IV pgs. 11 & 12

Affirmative Action Search Model (prepared by the Faculty Senate Fair Employment Practices Committee) - An action model for conducting searches for all vacant professional positions. The model can be used by all campuses.

Campus Affirmative Action Committee Model (Prepared by the Faculty Senate Fair Employment Practices Committee) - A descriptive guide to existing Affirmative Action committees as well as an aid to those campuses in the process of establishing or reorganizing committees.

Description of Affirmative Action Officer Position (prepared by the Faculty Senate Fair Employment Practices Committee) - An informational job description for Affirmative Action Officers employed by the State University of New York.

Discrimination Grievance Procedure - Adopted for the prompt and equitable investigation and resolution of allegations of unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation and marital status. The procedure may he used by any State University of New York employee or student.

Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Affirmative Action Leave Program Guidelines - Establishes an Affirmative Action Leave Program for minorities, women, persons with disabilities and Vietnam Era veterans in 08 Bargaining Unit,

Authorization of Affirmative Action Officer Positions (Kelly Memo of January 8, 1974) - Announces agreement with the Division of Budget authorizing all State operated Campuses to create and/or legitimize the position of Affirmative Action Officer.

Policies of the Board of Trustees - These policies constitute rules of the SUNY Board of Trustees for the governance of the University and the institutions therein, The policies apply only to the State operated College of the University, except where the community or contract colleges are specifically included.

Policy on Affirmative Action Searches and Waivers (Komisar Memo, December 2, 1977) - University wide policy stating that all positions to be filled should be subject to a full and open search. When a search is impossible and impractical, a "Waiver of Search" may be permitted through a described procedure.

SUNY Board of Trustees Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity - A statement providing for equal opportunity in employment for all qualified persons,

SUNY Affirmative Action Task Force Resolution on Affirmative Action Staffing (May 24, 1982, Vol. 82, No. 3) - Urges each campus to review its present affirmative action staffing and to evaluate whether the resources presently allocated to that function on are adequate to ensure the timely and effective disposition of affirmative action compliance obligations,

SUNY Nondiscrimination Policy Relating to Sexual Orientation - Bars discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation against or harassment of any student or employee in the programs or activities of the University

SUNY Board of Trustees Policy on Affirmative Action for Minority Students - Outlines effective means of supporting minority enrollment on SUNY campuses, particularly in academic programs where minorities are underrepresented,

SUNY Practice on Nepotism - Each person considered on own merits, but no supervisor or administrator should participate in any personnel decision affecting a member of his or her immediate family