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Dialogues Across Differences

We are currently not taking applications,
Please check our archives of previous events sponsored by Dialogues Across Difference

Purpose: The purpose of this grant is to support the University’s transition from a community that honors diversity through cultural celebration to one that also possesses a commitment to deeper understandings of our similarities and differences.

Goals: The goals of this grant is (1) to stimulate the creation of programs that explored experience-centered ways of bringing diverse audiences together; (2) to support the transition from community that celebrates diversity through cultural celebrations to one that also possesses a commitment to dialogue on the critical issues of our times, and (3) to implement this through a process that models the goals of dialogues across differences.

Funding: Will be announced once a call for applications have been made

Proposals: Your proposal should address how your program (activity or event) promotes a dialogue across and through diversity. The program should have a strong academic component and actively seeks to involve not only, but also students and staff at all stages of design, from implementation to actual event. The program should encourage the sharing of stories and experiences and thoughtful reflection centered on the current theme. Your proposal should address each of the following issues:

  1. Educational: How will the program/event/activity result in valuable educational experiences? The proposal should include an explicit discussion of the educational goals of the program. How do you intend to evaluate the success of your program/event/activity?
  2. Interaction: How does your program, activity or event include facilitators to actively involve the attendees? Rather than merely adding on a discussion at the end of the presentation, how do you strategically plan to engage the audiences’ participation within the dialogue as an integral component of the event? You are encouraged to contact trained staff and student Diversity Fellows to facilitate dialogue for your event.
  3. Cost-Effective: What is the budget for this program/activity/event? A detailed budget must be submitted. The budget should list co-sponsors and matching sources of funding (e.g. departments, programs, grants, USG or IFSC sponsored groups, etc.) that can help multiply the effectiveness of the grant.
  4. Outreach and Communication: Your proposal should have an explicit strategy for attracting your target audience. Disseminating your ideas from a list of organizations, newspapers, and publications venues such as television and radio promotions. Specific programs that will be viewed by a large population. It is further encouraged that you should provide a list of people to whom press releases will be mailed or faxed.