Diversity Fellows

The Diversity Fellows can Assist You

In 2001, as part of the University's Five-Year-Plan goal to foster positive cross-cultural interactions among the diverse groups present on campus through activities for students, faculty, and staff in the classrooms, residence halls, and workplaces, the Diversity Fellows Program was established.
This select group of faculty, staff, and students represent a broad cross-section of departments throughout the campus from diverse backgrounds, and have received special training in how to encourage dialogue at diversity-themed events on campus. President Kenny conferred the title "Campus Diversity Fellows" on these trained volunteers, who act as a team of neutral facilitators during an event and lead discussions after an activity, lecture, or symposium.

Consult A Diversity Fellows Coordinator If You Are Organizing

  • Small group discussion around specific issues following a presentation by a guest lecturer
  • Small group dialogues regarding religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or racial stereotypes integrated throughout the program during a panel discussion
  • Discussions of individual reactions to film presentations on aspects of diversity, prejudice, or racism
  • Dialogues around common themes following a cultural presentation in the arts
  • Sharing stories about individual experiences related to all types of diversity-related issues

What is a Diversity Fellow?

Individual who facilitates campus discussions regarding diversity-related topics and issues. Each member brings his or her experience as a facilitator to the group and also attends a two-day combination Orientation/Training program. In addition to lending their expertise to campus events, the teams of Diversity Fellows also receives opportunities to work together to further dialogue and develop as individuals.

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