China and the West: Two Cultures, One Civilization

October 25-26, 2012


On October 25-26, 2012 the Confucius Institute at Stony Brook University (CISBU) and the Stony Brook Institute for Global Studies (SBIGS) organized and sponsored the international research conference “China and the West: Two Cultures, One Civilization?”
Convened by Wolf Schäfer, SBIGS, and Ruan Wei, Shenzhen University, the conference brought ten Asian scholars to Stony Brook for a discussion of Chinese perspectives on civilization and culture today. A second part of this conference with a focus on Western perspectives is planned for 2013 at Shenzhen University. The conference was open to the public and well attended.
The contributions to China and the West will be published in 2013/14 with SUNY Press in a co-edited volume in the new SBIGS series Pangaea II: Global/Local Studies. Pictured from left to right: Suk-Man Hwang (Changwon National University), Shijian He (Shenzhen University), Wancheng Wu (Sinolizing Research Center, Shanghai Chunqiu Research Institute), Wei Ruan (Shenzhen University), Wolf Schafer (Stony Brook University), Dongming Zhao (Shenzhen University), Lixin Tang (Shenzhen University), Jian Zhang (Beijing Foreign Studies University), Jianxin Ding (Sun Yat-sen University), Janice Mimura (Stony Brook University), Qingsheng Tong (University of Hong Kong)

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