Special Event

China and the West

International Research Conference “China and The West”

October 25-26th, 2012

Summary: “China and The West: Two Cultures, One Civilization?” is organized by Stony Brook’s Institute for Global Studies (SBIGS) and the Confucius Institute. Convened by Wolf Schäfer, SBIGS, and Ruan Wei, Shenzhen University, the conference will bring nine Asian scholars to Stony Brook for an initial discussion of Chinese perspectives on civilization and culture. A second part of this conference with a focus on Western perspectives is planned for 2013 at Shenzhen University. The conference is open to the public.

Each of the meetings will discuss the research papers of 10 participants. The conveners have discussed the conference topic from complementary points of view, see RUAN Wei, “Civilization and Culture”1 and Wolf SCHÄFER, “Global Civilization and Local Cultures.”2 The contributions to China and the West will be published in 2013/14 with SUNY Press in a co-edited volume in the new SBIGS series Pangaea II: Global/Local Studies.

China and the West is sponsored by the Confucius Institute at Stony Brook, the Stony Brook Institute for Global Studies (SBIGS), Shenzhen University, Nanjing University, and University of Hong Kong.

Program Schedule:

Thursday, October 25th

9:00AM - 9:45AMWelcoming Remarks
Dr. W. Arens, Dean, International Academic Programs; Director, Confucius Institute at Stony Brook University
Dr. A. Drees, Vice Provost, Stony Brook University
Dr. W. Schäfer, Director, Stony Brook Institute for Global Studies
Dr. W. Ruan, Director, Center for Western Studies, University of Shenzhen
9:45AM - 10:00AM Coffee/Tea Break

Session 1: “Power” chaired by Yuefan Deng, Stony Brook University

10:00AM - 11:00AMWei Ruan, Shenzhen University: “Power Shifts in Civilizational Interactions”
11:00AM - 12:00PMLixin Tang, Shenzhen University: “The Cultural Dimension of Global Governance and China's Role”
12:00PM - 1:30PMLunch

Session 2: “Values” chaired by Eng Kiong Tan, Stony Brook University

2:00PM - 3:00PMShijian He, Shenzhen University: “A Century of Changes: From Westernization to Universal Values”
3:00PM - 4:00PMQuingshen Tong, University of Hong Kong: “Towards a Common Civilization: G. Lowes Dickinson, China, and Global Humanism”
4:00PM - 4:15PMCoffee/Tea Break
4:15PM - 5:15PMWolf Schäfer, Stony Brook University: “An Alternative View of Civilization” Chaired by Said Arjomand, Stony Brook University

Friday, October 26th

Session 3: “Comparative Perspectives I” chaired by Agnes Weiyun He, Stony Brook University

9:45AM - 10:00AMCoffee/Tea Break
10:00AM - 11:00AMDongming Zhao, Shenzhen University: "Discourse of the Absolute: Its Path-Shaping Function in Chinese and Western Cultural Developments”
11:00AM - 12:00PMJian Zhang, Beijing Foreign Studies University: “British-Chinese Cultural Encounters and Negotiations: Issues of Culture and Identity in William Empson’s “China Works”
12:00AM - 1:30PMLunch

Session 4: “Comparative Perspectives II” chaired by Janis Mimura, Stony Brook University

2:00PM - 3:00PMJianxin Ding, Sun Yat-sen University: “Culture as Social Semiotics: An Anthropological Interpretation of Hallidayan Linguistics”
3:00PM - 4:00PmHan Zhu (Michael Wu), Sinolizing Research Center, Hong Kong: “Civilization: Flat Model and Stratification Model”
4:00PM - 4:15PMCoffee/Tea Break
4:15PM - 5:15PMSuk-Man Hwang, Changwon National University, Korea: Comments, Observations, and Suggestions
5:15PM - 5:45PMChina and The West Part 2 chaired by Wei Ruan and Wolf Schäfer: Planning Discussion

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