Improving grammar is often the most daunting area in writing. Grammar is also the area about which there is the least consensus. One person's egregious grammar is another person's artistic license. Moreover, deciding on what type of error is most problematic is a troublesome exercise in personal preferences. Further, is grammar correction meant to address unclear ideas at the sentence-level or just proper parts of speech and punctuation? Though people have a plethora of ideas on the subject, no necessarily right theory exists. We have established and seek to develop a collection of links designed to help writers find answers to the most common grammar problems they face in writing. Please advise us if you have suggestions for improving or adding to our links.

Using Pronouns (Purdue's OWL)
Subject-Verb Agreement (Purdue's OWL)
Using Verb Tenses (Purdue's OWL)
Using Commas (Purdue's OWL)
Proofreading for Commas (Purdue's OWL) 
Improving Sentence Clarity (Purdue's OWL)
Eliminating Wordiness (Purdue's OWL)
Common Errors in English (Paul Brians-WSU)
Knowing the Basics of Grammar (UVic Writers Guide)

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