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Humanities 2009
Our Mission

The Stony Brook University Writing Center, located in Humanities 2009,aims to support writing at Stony Brook University. We are trained undergraduateand graduate writing tutors who believe that all writers can improve their writing through dedication, practice, and collaboration. We are committed to helping writers through one-on-one tutoring sessions that focus on each individual writer's needs.

Writers of all skill-levels at any stage of the writing process are invited to make appointments at the Writing Center. Writers can bring in anything they're working on, be it a creative piece, a personal statement, or a paper for class. Tutors will help writers brainstorm, organize, focus, and develop their written works.

We aim to meet all writers' needs, but in the interest of making better writers as opposed to simply making better written works, we do not function as an editing service. Tutors may choose to address some grammar and punctuation issues, but only at advanced stages of the writing process. When we do address grammar or punctuation, we discuss fundamental concepts as opposed to making editorial corrections.

We hope that tutorials will help make writers better critics of their own writing so that they can succeed in the academic community and inlife.

Program in Writing and Rhetoric • Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5340 • 631.632.7390
Writing Center • 631.632.7405 • writingcenter@stonybrook.edu
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