The Writing Minor


We don’t fully understand anything we have learned until we can explain it in writing. Nearly all majors and professions require skilled, advanced writing.  This is true even of the sciences, in which reports, presentations, graduate applications, and papers are all expected to be clearly written.

A 2010 survey published by the American Association of Colleges and Universities finds 89% of employers want a “greater emphasis” placed on college students’ “ability to communicate effectively… in writing,” and 81% say the same of “critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills.”

The writing minor at Stony Brook offers excellent preparation for such challenges, and allows students a lot of flexibility in choosing courses that suit their interests and schedules.

Reference: Hart Research Associates. "Raising The Bar: Employers’ Views On College Learning In The Wake Of The Economic Downturn." Survey.  23 Sept. 2010. Web. 10 Feb. 2012.


Program in Writing and Rhetoric


Completion of the writing minor requires 18 credits.  At least 12 of the 18 credits must be taken at the Stony Brook University main campus. Courses taken for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.  All elective courses are not offered every semester.

Required course for all writing minors:

WRT 102: Intermediate Writing Workshop


Elective courses for the minor (choose any five):

WRT 200:  Grammar and Style for Writers
WRT 301: Honors Buisness Ethics Thesis Workshop
WRT 302: Critical Writing Seminar: Special Topics - Topics vary by semester.  In recent semesters topics have included Rhetoric of Mental Health, Writing for the New Media, Fiction Writing, Worlds within Worlds, Rhetorical Traditions.
WRT 303: The Personal Essay
WRT 304: Writing for Your Profession
WRT 305: Writing for the Health Professions
WRT 380: Advanced Research Writing
WRT 381: Advanced Analytic and Argumentative Writing
WRT 487: Independent Project
WRT 488: Internship

Three credits of writing-intensive coursework from another discipline on campus or from another institution may be counted toward the writing minor with the permission of the PWR Director.


Program in Writing and Rhetoric

 Contact Information


Director, Dr. Gene Hammond: 631-632-7390

Assistant to the Director, Jilleen May: 631-632-7366

 Adam Schultheiss, Staff Assistant: 631-632-7390

Writing Program Main Office: 631-632-7390

Writing Center: 631-632-7405

Writing Center Director, Dennis Clarke: 631-632-4176

Emerging Technologies Coordinator, Cynthia Davidson: 631-632-9935




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