PWR Brown Bag Series 2013

Wed. Feb 13: Cynthia Davidson, Kristina Lucenko, and Darren Chase (Library)

“ePortfolio Showcase/Roundtable discussion/Q and A session”

In this session, Cynthia and Kristina will facilitate a discussion with the PWR about Digication ePortfolios and WRT 102. They will review the step-by-step guide to setting up student ePortfolios, ask instructors to participate by sharing their own experiences with fall 2012 eportfolios, and discuss the larger pedagogical rationale for using ePortfolios in WRT 102. Web Librarian Darren Chase will join us in the first part of the session to discuss copyright, Creative Commons, and guidelines for citing images.


Wed. Feb 20: Kristina Lucenko

“Portfolio expectation/calibration session”

How can we better prepare our students for WRT 102 portfolio assessment throughout the semester? In this session we will review and assess examples of student portfolio writing, discuss assessment issues, and share how we plan for the final portfolio throughout the semester.


Wed. Feb 27: PWR READING SERIES hosted by Kevin Clouther

Fiction Writer Nathan Oates, Seton Hall University

Nathan Oates’s stories and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in The Antioch Review, Witness, the Alaska Quarterly Review, Missouri Review, Mississippi Review, Fugue, Jabberwock Review, and elsewhere. His stories have been anthologized twice in Best American Mystery Stories (2008, 2012), as well as in the 70th Anniversary Issue of and The Antioch Review and Forty Stories (Harper Perennial).


Wed. March 6: Marilyn Zucker

“On Teaching Writing in Portugal”

Description to follow


Wed. March 13: Peter Khost, Cynthia Davidson, Robert Kaplan, Ryan Calvey, and Kristina Lucenko

“WRT 101 Curriculum Report Findings”

In this session, members of the Curriculum Committee will share their findings from a 2012 study of WRT 101 at SBU. The study evaluated the effectiveness of WRT 101 in terms of: meeting SUNY and national common core standards for first-year college composition; laying the groundwork for WRT 102 (Intermediate Writing Workshop); giving students a solid foundation in college-level academic writing more broadly; addressing the needs of non-native English speaking (NNS) students; and fostering a sense of the multiple benefits of writing.


Wed. Apr 3: Tom Tousey and Courtney Rickard (Student-Athlete Development)

“Working with Student-Athletes”

Description to follow


Wed. Apr 10: PWR READING SERIES hosted by Kevin Clouther

 1 pm, Humanities 2001 (Poetry Center)

Derek Owens (St. John's University)

Derek Owens is the author of Memory's Wake, Resisting Writings (and
the Boundaries of Composition), and Composition and Sustainability:
Teaching for a Threatened Generation. His lyric essays, poetry, and
fiction have appeared in Ecopoetics, Seneca Review, and Southampton


Wed, Apr 17: Chris Petty and Shyam Sharma

“Enhancing Revision, Feedback, and Assessment Through the Use of Wiki”

Wiki is perhaps the most process-friendly technology available to both students and teachers of writing. The use of wikis can enable writing instructors to effectively track the revisions that students make to their writing in a paperless, accessible, and flexible manner; it can allow both instructors and student peer reviewers to suggest changes in different ways; and it can also help make assessment and teaching/feedback reinforce (instead of undermine) each other, while making the writing process highly student-centered (as well as collaborative where beneficial). However, effective use of wiki also requires some skills for properly setting up wiki modules for students, enforcing guidelines and best practices for revising and submitting drafts, and managing and reinforcing peer feedback (which includes easily rewarding quality feedback among students through the use of wiki). In this session, Chris Petty and Shyam Sharma will share some of the strategies for using wikis effectively that they have developed in their classrooms and through sharing their best practices with each other. After briefly demonstrating how to set up and manage wikis, they will focus on the unique affordances that wikis offer toward improving teaching, assessing, and helping students better engage in the process of writing.


Wed. Apr 24 & Thurs. Apr 25: Kristina Lucenko

End-of-Semester Portfolio Calibration Session.

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