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PWR's Spotlight is on three remarkable individuals - Shreeya Tuladhar, Cole Lee and Cynthia Davidson. Their journey of starting Project BEaUtifull is very inspiring, and all three teamed up to promote self-acceptance and change the perception of body image. Learn more about them below!

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Shreeya Tuladhar




Q: What is Project BEaUtifull and its mission?


Q: What is your advice for students who would like to make a bigger impact on their communities and possibly follow in your footsteps?




Q: What different kinds of writing are a part of Project BEaUtifull?





Cole Lee




Q: How does writing help you grow, professionally and personally? 


Q: Being a political science major, how did you get involved with Project BEaUtifull and writing in general? 



Q: What is the future of Project BEaUtifull as you see it, and where would you like it to go?




Professor Cynthia Davidson




Q: How did Project BEaUtifull begin?



Q: In what ways did you mentor Shreeya and Cole?




 Interview, write-up and photography by Saher Jafri '17    

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