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Wilbur Farley on JEOPARDY! November 21, 2017

Professor Wilbur Farley of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric had the opportunity to participate as a contestant on Jeopardy in an episode that will air Tuesday, November 21st.  A friend suggested that he take the online qualifying test, he said, and his score was high enough that he was called in for an audition, after which he was asked to film an episode as a contestant. The episode was filmed during summer 2017.

To prepare to compete, Professor Farley said that he continued his normal routine of reading and teaching, but also used the Jeopardy! World Tour application for practice.  He said also that researching interesting topics that came up in normal conversations was a useful technique he used to increase his breadth of knowledge.

Professor Farley said that did not know what to expect going into the experience, but that the other contestants were friendly, and that the contestant coordinators were helpful in reducing nervousness and keeping the experience fun during the filming of the show.  Once he got into the rhythm of the game, it was easy to forget that he was actually competing, and it was less nerve-wracking than he had expected.  One of the most important skills, Professor Farley said, was pattern recognition, and that it was important to go with his instincts and not over-think his answers.

Overall, competing on Jeopardy was one of the top experiences of his life, Professor Farley said, and he looks forward to watching the show air on November 21st.  (Spotlight written by Katherine Hoyt)

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