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ePortfolios are repositories of information about an individual, stored in an electronic format.  The Program in Writing and Rhetoric has long been in the forefront of portfolio use to gather information about student writers and showcase their best work, but only in the last few years have ePortfolios opened a new venue for the expression and presentation of writing as well as multimodal composition.  A university-wide initiative, the Stony Brook ePortfolio project has received national and international attention from bodies such as the Making Connections project and AAEEBL.  This page highlights several of our favorite ePortfolios created by students in our Writing and Rhetoric courses.  These portfolios featured pleasing and creative design as well as excellent written work.  The best portfolios also present a student's goals, work and interests outside of the writing classroom.  If you have a Writing and Rhetoric student whose ePortfolio you would like to see featured here, please contact us with a brief explanation of what makes this ePortfolio special. 

 Bryan Szeglin eportfolio  jaewong jeon eportfolio  Ezra Margano portfolio

Bryan Szeglin, WRT 102

Bryan's dynamically designed red, white, and gray-toned portfolio demonstrates his artistic ability and keen observation--and admirably fulfills the requirements for WRT 102.  Imagination is both the focus of his writing and the cornerstone of his presentation.


Jae Wong Jeon, WRT 102

This charming and elegant presentation of the author's WRT 102 work is easily accessed by readers through her cover letter presentation.  Jae Won grapples with topics of interest to many first-year students:  globalization, women's rights, and the value of a college education. (Available only with Stony Brook login.)


Ezra Margono, WRT 303

Ezra is the managing editor of The Statesman, Stony Brook's student newspaper, and an accomplished photographer.  His portfolio turns an intelligent observational gaze to matters of identity and place, focusing mainly on his Indonesian roots and family ties--both visually and in his writing.  This elegant portfolio is an exquisite example of minimalist design.




 Kareema Roushdy eportfolio  Garry Berdichevskiy eportfolio Victoria Campbell eportfolio

Kareema Roushdy, WRT 303

An aspiring businesswoman and artist, Kareema is admirably developing her personal brand while exploring new depths.  This warm, colorful, and attractively-designed portfolio should both inspire students and impress potential employers.  Her final project tells an epic story of her modest high school team's victory at a national business competition--and how to persevere against odds and stretch one's boundaries while keeping one's sense of humor.

Garry Berdichevskiy, WRT 102

Garry is an accomplished musician and a native of Brooklyn.  He has a marvelous About Me section with images from his travels and a link to a  video of his high school orchestra piano solo. His writing voice is subtle, witty, and entirely entertaining, demonstrating how WRT 102 can be a pleasure to both writers and readers.


Victoria Campbell, WRT 102

Victoria's strong sense of graphic design is the first thing to strike the eyes.  She is a biology major and transfer student aspiring to a medical profession.  Her WRT 102 section makes excellent use of visual rhetoric, and her essays demonstrate her concern for humanity and interest in the sciences.




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