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ePortfolios are repositories of information about an individual, stored in an electronic format.  The Program in Writing and Rhetoric has long been in the forefront of portfolio use to gather information about student writers and showcase their best work, but only in the last few years have ePortfolios opened a new venue for the expression and presentation of writing as well as multimodal composition.  A university-wide initiative, the Stony Brook ePortfolio project has received national and international attention from bodies such as the Making Connections project and AAEEBL.  This page highlights several of our favorite ePortfolios created by students in our Writing and Rhetoric courses.  These portfolios featured pleasing and creative design as well as excellent written work.  The best portfolios also present a student's goals, work and interests outside of the writing classroom.  If you have a Writing and Rhetoric student whose ePortfolio you would like to see featured here, please contact us with a brief explanation of what makes this ePortfolio special. 

 cavera portfolio  crissy coyne portfolio  rafael gaerlan portfolio

Joseph Cavera, WRT 302/303

Joseph Cavera's portfolio focuses on his passion for environmental science, video games, and family, culminating in a longer essay and digital narrative that is both personal and global in scope.

Christina Coyne, WRT 102

Chrissy Coyne's interest in virtuality and video gaming create an interesting portrait of a young artist with a passion for educational theory.  She includes excerpts of her fan fiction, and her research essay explores the benefits of fan fiction in the development of young writers.

Rafael Gaerlan, WRT 102

Rafael Gaerlan's portfolio highlights his work in Leadership Studies as well as interests in social networking and video games.  His portfolio cover memo is engaging and articulate.


 cavera portfolio  Erica Cirino portfolio Marley Solomon portfolio

Maggie Huynh, WRT 303

"The class sent me on a journey of self exploration, a semester long opportunity that I never took the time to do on my own. I wrote things I didn't know I felt. I read works that helped me see places in different ways. I worked with other students and had the privilege of reading some of their most personal thoughts."


Maggie is a pre-pharmacy major with a visionary eye; her digital narrative and her essays about identity in a place lovingly assert her appreciation of family and her New York City roots.

Erica Cirino, WRT 102

Erica's main interests include trail running, working with animals, exploring nature, and embarking on artistic endeavors, such as photography and collage.  Her portfolio expresses her connection with the earth and its creature and critiques dependency on technology.  Erica is majoring in Maine Vertebrate Biology and minoring in Ecosystems and Human Impact.  


Marley Solomon, WRT 303

Marley's investigation into "identity in a place" takes us on a journey from her family's homeland in the Phillipines to her homestead in the northeastern United States, punctuated by touching memories and quirky humor.  Her digital story is a takeoff on Robert Frost's "good fences make good neighbors," and relates her childhood to memories of a special fence.



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