Portfolio Genres

1. What are the genres?
2. What is a passing portfolio?
3. How many, how long?

1. Your portfolio must include:

  • A textual analysis: an analytical essay that takes another text or texts as its subject matter.
  • A researched essay: an essay that takes a position and presents a reasoned, thoughtful exploration of an issue, using outside sources; for example, expert opinion, eyewitness accounts, facts, reasons, etc. Careful documentation of outside sources is required.

2. A passing portfolio will meet program expectations in each of the following areas:

  • Rhetorical Skills: direction and purpose of the piece are clear; fulfills audience expectations; fulfills genre and assignment requirements; uses rhetorical strategies appropriate to the genre.
  • Critical thinking: shows evidence of sound reasoning and analysis; goes beyond merely stating the obvious.
  • Depth: develops ideas fully, with sufficient support and clear and convincing details; length is adequate.
  • Organization: has a clear central point--implied or stated depending on genre expectations, paragraphing and transitions make the line of development easy to follow, there is no extraneous material.
  • Style: word choice and sentence syntax are appropriate to the genre; language is precise, concise and fresh.
  • Mechanics: follows rules of standard written English for grammar, punctuation and spelling; the writing shows careful proofreading and is virtually error free.

The entire portfolio must be a minimum of 15 pages (250 words per page) of polished writing.




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