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What’s It All About?
One reason why people think that the working class is a thing of the past is the fact that so many of the images of working people we have in our culture date from the Depression of the 1930’s. The photos of Walker Evans, Margaret Bourke White, and others of that era have become the iconic images of worker life seen over and over again down to the present – and for good reason, since the images are so powerful. But if we leave the matter there, we do not see the faces of today’s working class. We are left only with images of people ever more obviously removed from today’s world.

Part of bringing the working class back into focus in society now is literally to show its current faces through photography, posters, and other artworks. Today, many artists, amateur as well as professional, are producing powerful images of working class life that deserve wide circulation. Some of these images are featured on the pages of this Website of the Center for Study of Working Class Life. In this Gallery, you will find information about all the images on the site and links to sources of additional work.

Please note that all images displayed here are used by permission. Further reproduction requires renewed permission from the artist or other copyright holder. To arrange permission, see the information in the galleries on this Website. This Gallery displays works but does not represent the artists for commercial purposes.

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