Five-Year BA/MA in Public Health

The Graduate Program in Public Health offers a variety of combined undergraduate programs with the Master in Public Health (MPH) degree including a Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies. The combined BA/MPH can focus either on Community Health or on Evaluative Sciences.

Students in this combined degree program can complete both degrees in 10 semesters. For the first two or three years, students complete undergraduate coursework including General Education and undergraduate major requirements. During either their third or fourth year (once a majority of their undergraduate degree requirements are completed), students begin taking graduate courses as outlined by the Plan of Study. In their fifth and final year, students complete the remaining graduate requirements for the MPH degree.

Admissions Requirements
Under Stony Brook University policy, students must complete 60 credits of undergraduate course work (Junior Status) with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all college work before being admitted into any combined Bachelor/Masters degree program. Additional entry requirements for the MPH combined degree consist of: 

GPA of at least 3.3 in courses required by the undergraduate major 
Two letters of recommendation from faculty members in the undergraduate major 
Completion of the MPH application for review by the MPH Admissions Committee 
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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Women's Studies/ MPH Community HealthEvaluative Sciences

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Spring 2012

Feminist Campus Colloquium

Salander/Blomkvist: Challenging Stereotypes in the Millennium Trilogy
Linda Stein
, artist, and Michael Kimmel, Distinguished Professor, Sociology

January 25, Wednesday 12:50 - 2:10 pm
Co-sponsored with the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook

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