The major in Women's and Gender Studies leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. No more than three credits offered f or the major may be taken Pass/No Credit or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. All other courses for the major must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. No transferred course with a grade lower than C may be applied toward major requirements. No more than three 100-level courses may be applied toward major requirements. At least 18 credits must be in courses numbered 300 or higher.

Completion of the major requires 36 credits.

A. Core Courses

1. WST 102 (F) or WST 103 (G) Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
2. WST 291 (G) Introduction to Feminist Theory
3. WST 301 (K) Histories of Feminism
4. WST 305 (G) Feminist Theories in Context
5. WST 408 Senior Seminar for Women's and Gender Studies Majors

B. Focused Studies

One course in each of the following categories (see note 1):

1. WST 395 (J) Women's and Gender Studies in a Global Context; Topics in Global Feminism (or approved other course)
2. WST 398 (K) Gender, Race, and Ethnicity; Topics in Gender, Race, and Ethnicity (or approved other course)
3. WST 399 (G) Gender and Sexuality; Topics in Gender and Sexuality (or approved other course)

C. Electives

Twelve credits from WST courses. (See note 2.)

D. Upper-Division Writing Requirement

Students must present to the director of undergraduate studies a minimum of ten typewritten pages of formal writing, prepared for an upper-division course listed above as acceptable for the major requirements. This written work must have been judged by the course instructor to be satisfactory for the upper-division writing requirement in the field of Women's and Gender Studies. Normally this requirement is met through the work in WST 408.


1. A list of approved courses which satisfy requirement B can be found on the WST community blackboard web site.
2. The following courses offered by other departments may be used to satisfy requirement C:

AFS 345 Culture and Gender: Women in Africa and the Caribbean
AFS 370 The African-American Family
ANT 295 Sex and Human Nature
ANT 367 Male and Female
CCS 311 Gender and Genre in Film
CFS 308 Violence in the Family
EGL 371 Topics in Gender Studies
HIS 394 Approved topic only, including History of Human Reproduction in Western Civ.
HUM 122 Images of Women in Literature
HUM 123 Sin and Sexuality in Literature
HWC 349 Overview of Gay and Lesbian Issues
PSY 240 Social Psychology
RLS 426 Feminine Spirituality

Additional courses that may be used will be available on the WST community blackboard web site.
3. At least two WST topics courses must be used in satisfying requirement B.
4. No more than six credits from WST 447 and 487 may be applied toward the major.




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