Federal and State Tax Returns:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) withholds money from your paycheck for US Federal/State taxes. It is the responsibility of each individual employed in the U.S. to comply with income tax regulations.  Between January 1 and April 15 of each year, everyone must prepare an income tax report to be filed with the IRS, whether or not you have earned income during the previous fiscal year.; Federal/State Tax Returns are due on April 15th.

Filing forms with detailed instructions are available at most banks or at the post office.  If too much tax has been withheld, a refund will be granted and sent to your address in the form of a check.  Because of the complexity of income tax laws, it is advisable to have questions answered by the IRS or by a reliable tax consultant.

Helpful Resources:

  • Graduate Student Organization (GSO) offers free tax advice and inexpensive tax filing assistance each year – For more information on the GSO Tax Clinic visit www.sbgso.org.
  • The University at Buffalo has a very useful webinar that explains the process of completing Federal Income Tax Returns. Click here to visit their site.
  • NAFSA has easy-to-read brochure explaining "What is a Tax Return," "Who Must file a Tax Return," "Where to Get Help Locally," and other pertinent information. You can download the brochure here.

*NOTE: The material presented on this page has not been approved by the IRS or U.S. Treasury. In addition, Visa and Immigration Services staff cannot answer detailed questions pertaining to your Income Tax Return.