Readmission following a Leave of Absence

The term readmission applies to students who have taken a leave of absence from Stony Brook University for longer than five months due to medical leave, military duty, or other reasons. Any student who has been outside of the United States for more than 5 months is required to request a new I-20 from Visa and Immigration Services and apply for a new F-1 Visa at the U.S. consulate in their country.

Undergraduate Students Applying for Readmission:

Be advised that you cannot re-enter the US with your old Form I-20.  You must apply for the new F-1 visa at the US Consulate in your country and pay new SEVIS fee of $200 online.

At least 3 months before you wish to return to the U.S. to resume your education, scan and submit all the following documents via AccessVIS in order to receive a new Form I-20 from Visa and Immigration Services:

  1. Contact your Academic Adviser from your department in order to be readmitted to your program of study.
  2. Complete the Readmission Following Leave of Absence form in AccessVIS.
  3. Fill out the top portion of the Academic Progress Review Form. Email it to your academic adviser who will complete Section 1. Email the form to your major academic department in order to complete Section 2. Once the form is completed please upload it to AccessVIS.  
  4. Contact the Registrar's Office to find out if you are required to rematriculate if so, you will need to complete the Undergraduate Rematriculation form (this form is found on the Registrar’s website).
  5. Upload sufficient proof of financial sponsorship through AccessVIS. 
  6. Copy of your valid passport.
  7. Register for a minimum of 12 credits for the upcoming semester.


Graduate Students Applying for Readmission:

  1. Submit a completed "Readmission" form to your academic program as a request to reactivate your graduate career. The form can be downloaded at
  2. Complete the Readmission Following Leave of Absence form in AccessVIS.
  3. Provide sufficient proof of financial sponsorship through AccessVIS. 
  4. Copy of your valid passport.
  5. Register full-time for the upcoming semester.
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